Sewing Machine Project
  The sewing machine project helps the poor rural women who have virtually no work and thus remain unproductive. Most of them have no land to cultivate. A B Foundation gives these under privileged women training on sewing and under the project they learn to earn for their families.

There are donation of 15 sewing machine from Australia to facilitate the women. Training programs are arranged to make the women skillful so that their products are up to the mark to compete in the market.

Additional to training, home skills, family healthcare, food and nutrition are being taught. There is future plan for teaching literacy.

The project is running with 15 sewing machine which was set up by the help of Australia. There is a need for more machines. To do this further financial support is required.
  Another important development needs to be the marketing of the products. The products are currently being used internally. The women produce uniforms for the students of Amena Baki Residential Model School and planning to supply to other schools.

As further products are developed, national and international markets are options. The building has been expanded to include a shop front on the main road for display of goods for sale.
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