OCRC Project
  A B Foundation has been successfully managing the Orthopedic Care, Research and Rehabilitation Centre (OCRC) at Humayun Road, Mohammadpur in Dhaka.

The centre was established in 1997 to help the war veterans and civilian victims providing them with medical treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation support. This was extended to help the poor disabled children and disadvantaged people who had suffered from traumatic injuries. Orthopedic treatment is provided to all people.

About 1500 war injured freedom fighter have been treated in the centre. The centre provides them with artificial limbs or crutches for assistance in leading a normal life.
Treatment is totally free of cost and they are supplied with necessary medicine.
With the help of modern physiotherapy facility the centre provides enriched rehabilitation program for them.
Road safety is now a big concern in the urban life. Road accidents in the urban area and in the highways take the toll of many lives. The slogan of the World Health Day 2004 was "Road safety is no accident" emphasizing the facts. A B Foundation works for road safety project and make awareness in this regard.

The OCRC located at 3/18, Humayun Road,
Collegegate, Mohammadpur,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Present Status
  At present, five doctors, three paramedics, four physiotherapists and other staffs are working in the OCRC.

The case reports are stored in the database of the centre. They contribute to the continuing medical education in the government medical college, presentation of papers and abstracts to different scientific sessions and research purpose.
Events Organized
In 2001, a team joined the conference of APOA (Asia Pacific Orthopedic Association) held in Australia to increase the skill and technical expertise in the professional field.

At the end of 2003, "Bones and Joint Decade" commenced in Bangladesh. Dr Amjad contributed a lot to organize the program and the OCRC team supported him. Renowned orthopedic physicians and research fellows from all over the world participated the event at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Dhaka. It inspired the orthopedic professionals in the country to be dedicated to their profession and get connected to the recent advances in the field.

In 2005, Dr Amjad joined the Trauma Symposium held in Edinburgh. Besides, the centre organizes various seminars, workshops and hands on training to develop the skill of the doctors of the country.
  Ongoing programs of OCRC

  Free medical treatment (mainly orthopedic care) for the poor and disadvantaged war veterans and civilian victims.

  Free medicine supply for the poor freedom fighters.

  Monitoring and support for the healthcare of freedom fighters in different government hospitals and private clinics.

  Continuous search for support from individuals, different organizations, pharmaceutical companies and others.

   Making available world class orthopedic care to the all people by increasing professional expertise and technological update.

  Supporting the "Road Safety" project to create an awareness program for the prevention of accidents.

Poly was born with a congenital abnormality
in her leg that her foot faced back. She
underwent a series of operations to correct this.
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