Freedom Fighters: The builders of the country
  After the liberation war, there were many war veterans and civilian victims injured during that period. Many of them became disabled due to loss of limbs and other injuries. They are quite unable to bear the high expense for their treatment.

Long after the war, the condition of the poor freedom fighters are deteriorating. Thousands of them are suffering from other diseases as well. Many of them cannot afford the cost of medical treatment.

Dr Amjad, a war injured freedom fighter holds the post of Health Advisor to Bangladesh Freedom Fighters' Welfare Trust since 1980. During this long time he observed the miseries of these poor freedom fighters who fought for the country at the cost of their own life. So he came forward to serve them providing free consultation and medical guideline, free medicine and so on. He is committed to providing continued service.
He brought the service under A B Foundation. Now the foundation provides free consultation, free medicine, appropriate referral to the tertiary medical centres of the country from the center on every Thursday. Some young doctors are also working at the center for this purpose. Additionally they support them to gain admission to different government hospitals and private clinics for medical treatment when necessary.

Dr Amjad is seeing freedom fighters at his chamber (OCRC).
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