Road Safety Program
Road accidents are a major cause of deaths and injuries. It represents a serious public health problem all over the world. The scenario in a developing country like ours is worse. Majority of the trauma cases are due to road traffic accidents. Considering the fact, the theme of the World Health Day 2005 was "Road safety is no accident".

Road traffic accidents alone claim more than 4000 death and 5000 severe injuries every year in Bangladesh. The annual economic cost of the traffic accidents alone exceeds Taka 5000 crore (US$ 800 million). There remains much scopes for improving the safety situation and for that there is obviously need for much efforts.

A B Foundation as a member of Accident Research Centre of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is working for the road safety programs to make people aware about the crisis.
Cause of road traffic accidents and the consequence.

A victim of road traffic accident

  To establish a comprehensive accident and injury database.

  To monitor, evaluate and develop accident countermeasures on the basis of scientific study.

  To provide training and education on accident prevention and management of the victims.

  To make available affordable rehabilitation treatment in the country for all people.

  To ensure the cutting edge technology for the treatment and develop the professional expertise in the respective field.
Recent activities:
Recently A B Foundation attended the first International Conference held at BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology), Bangladesh organized by ARC (Accident Research Council), BUET.
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