A B Foundation has been working in the mission to serve the poorest communities. It is a non-political, secular, socio-economic, healthcare and research based organization. It has been working to help the poor communities, disadvantaged freedom fighters and the poor students.

To develop modern outlook in thinking and to reach a violence free society we are trying regardless of religion, race, creed and color.

We have been working at rural Dinajpur, Bangladesh, for the development of education and healthcare facilities for the most disadvantaged part of our country. Our vision is giving modern education, medical care facilities and vocational training to the underprivileged children of that neglected portion of Bangladesh (450 km away from capital city Dhaka) and thus alleviation of poverty, illiteracy and creation of employment opportunities.

Besides these the foundation has a lot of works on social concerns. Among them modern education and healthcare facilities are the most important areas to us. Because, most of the peoples of that remote area cannot afford to give their children proper education and healthcare.